Monday, October 17, 2016

Translation tools for children

Hello, Recently, my child's elementary school enrolled Afghan and Syrian refugee students. The school is used to Spanish speakers but has not had to handle Arabic translations before this. To help the older students during classes, the school has given them tablets and they are using Google Translate. But there are younger students (6 and 8 year olds) that cannot use this type of simultaneous translation because it is too difficult for them to type that much or that fast. Does anyone know of a translation tool for younger kids to use in the classroom that is similar to Google Translate? Thank you!

-Concerned Parent


  1. There is a feature on google translate when you point to the text and press the camera button it will translate without the need to type the text in. It is pretty cool but if the kids can't read then perhaps finding the voice recognition option might be the only way. I am sure the voice recognition and audio component is available for Arabic. Hope that helps

  2. There are some great verbal translation apps available that may be of help.iTranslate and Speak and Translate are 2 that I am aware of and have been referred to by education professionals. Both are verbal translation programs and require no typing.

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